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Shop our site to find the very best in LED lighting systems and Linear Low Voltage Lighting systems.  Since we manufacture our lighting products we can delivery superior design services and well as expedited manufacturing services.  Deal direct and save time and money. We have been serving the lighting industry since 1968 and continue with innovations to the fast growing LED lighting industry.

LED Track Lighting Systems

LED Track Lighting SystemsExplore the potential of compact, low heat, stylish LED lighting system.

LED Low Profile Lights

LED low profile lighting fixturesOur low profile LED strip lights are ideal for undermount cabinetry and display cases.  


LED Marker Fixtures

LED Marker Lighting Fixtures - Recessed Applications

LED Landscape Lighting Fixtures

LED Landscape Lighting Fixtures

LED Pool & Spa Fixtures

LED Pool and Spa Fixtures - Underwater LED

LED Step & Aisle Fixtures

LED Step and Aisle Lighting Fixtures

LED PowerCove Flex Fixtures

LED Power Cove Lighting

Serpentine LED Fixtures

LED Serpentine Outdoor Fixtures

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PowerCove LED  Lighting Fixtures

LED Linear Strip Lighting Flexible

Our newest innovation on LED lighting solutions is our linear LED strip.  This modular fixture is perfect for cove lighting, jewelry display case lighting and any application where you need flexible LED lighting strips.

The combination of our Linear LED Lighting product with our LED Micro Track product gives retail, commercial and residential lighting designers a full choice in alternative lighting solutions that require pure light, low profiles and low maintenance.