Linear Low Voltage Lighting

Linear Low Voltage LightingYou can order the Linear Low Voltage Lighting in many configurations. Low voltage cove lighting has been a staple of our industry for many years.

Warm and inviting indirect light contrasts with many of the high tech solutions available today. With Radiant our lamp life extends on average to 12,000 hrs and is fully dimmable with a standard incandescent dimmer.

For an example of our Linear Low Voltage fixtures used in a wine cellar, click through to these installation images. Images

Residential coves, millwork and architectural accent lighting are perfect applications for this continuous low voltage linear system. Due to Radiant’s unique construction each installation can be installed with ease as well as ensure there are no shadows at the connection points. With dual circuit technology, we are able to install up to 40 linear feet on a single feeder point.

Low Voltage Lighting - Outdoor Gazebo

Low Voltage Lighting Application - Outdoor Gazebo

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