LED Pure Light Fixtures

The light from an LED is a pure, single color light that has many advantages over florescent or incandescent lights.  For example, a green LED produces green light only. A red LED produces only red light.  The color of the light produced by an LED is determined by the material used in the light source.   The brightness of the light is determined by the amount of current that is pushed through the LED circuit.

LED lights can also produce white light which is achieved by coating the LED surface with phosphorescent material that shifts the original blue or ultraviolet source into green and red elements that when combined can produce clean white light.

The purity of LED lighting sources make them idea for application that require pure light.  A great example is dressing rooms where traditional lights often change the color of garments as compared to being outside in daylight.  LED lights are also idea for diamond display cases where bright lighting is required but where low heat generation is desired.

Contact Radiant Lighting for our pure spectrum LED lighting fixtures than can be combined to create numerous unique lighting effects,  We specialize in custom lighting fixtures as well as out stock fixtures that are produced in our New Jersey lighting factory.  Call us to discuss your specific custom lighting project.

LED Lighting Advantages - by Glenn Boccini

Extreme Light Density and Directionality

10X the light output in white vs. comparable LED sources results in streamlined design, reduction of your manufacturing costs, and ease in design of integrated optics. Nearly 100% of the light emitted is forward directional, resulting in more efficient use of light on target than an incandescent bulb, which emits light in all directions. This compact new light source allows for unique and unobtrusive lighting solutions, creating the magical effect of a hidden source of light.

Light Quality

Luxeon Power Light Sources do not contain heat, UV, or IR radiation in the light beam. These elements can damage illuminated artifacts and merchandise, typically requiring complex light guide systems and optical fiber to filter out these harmful components of the spectrum. Replacing these expensive lighting systems with a more economical, Luxeon based system can result in a lower system cost and easier installation.

Rugged, Solid State, Vibration Proof

Unlike bulbs, there are no fragile components to break, even if abused. Through the use of a Luxeon Power Light Source, you can optimize your product design to be sealed for life, eliminating the need to replace the “bulb” for the life of the product. The robustness of this light source results in a dramatic reduction of maintenance costs in applications where guaranteed functionality is critical.