Radiant LED Micro-Track

LED Track Lighting FixturesThe LED micro-track is one of the smallest section low voltage track lighting systems on the market.  It is design for use in retail displays, museums and also residential applications.

If you are looking for the ideal replacement for traditional halogen display case lighting, give us a call.

The micro spotlights are designed to be small and discrete while still dissipating maximum heat from the LED light.  The fixtures are die cast in aluminum and incorporate heat sink fans to ensure that the LED's operate within their specified temperature range.

The fixture is designed to accept four different types of optics; narrow, medium, wide and elliptical lenses. The lenses are available in a number of finishes and are designed to be easily changed based on your specific configuration.

LED Track Lighting - Retail Display Cases

The Radiant LED Micro-Track lighting system can be customized to meet the most demanding conditions making it the low profile choice in LED track lighting. Read our PDF for more details on the LED Micro Track fixture.

LED Track Lighting for Museum Display Cases

The radiant LED Micro-Track lighting fixture is ideal for museum lighting applications.  This rendering shows the sleek design and low profile visual that this fixture renders when placed in a display case.

LED Museum Lighting Fixtures

The pure light, sleek design and elimination of harmful UV radiation makes the radiant LED lighting products a perfect solution for museum lighting applications.  We also offer flexible LED lighting strip and low profile LED lighting for under counter and under shelf lighting applications.

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