LED Recessed Marker Lighting Fixture

LED Marker Lighting Fixture

Radiant Lighting Solutions offers a line of LED fixtures unique within the industry. An innovative energy-saving light source, LEDs provide the basis for a line of ground recessed pavers, drive-over markers and wall fixtures designed to ensure the night-time accessibility of public spaces.

Walkie-LED marker fixtures highlight paths and provide signal lighting that extends the range of attractive, quality fixture options available. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, the sleek and unobtrusive design of this new line of Radiant LED fixtures merge innovative technology with highly durable materials to introduce a new solution to the challenges of the urban landscape.

The light fixtures have a metal body, available in sanded stainless steel or grey painted aluminum. The fixtures can be configured with one beam, two beams or 12 beams.  The led can come in different colors; call us for the latest color palette.  The fixtures can withstand a drive-over by a light vehicle car and the stainless steel fixture can well withstand abrasion.

All fixtures are fed with D.C. current stabilized at 12V.  A simple circuit grants stability to voltage fluctuations and allows the use of any cable length without affecting luminous flux output.  Power consumption is less than 1W at 24V (for 1 and 2 beams) and 3.6W at 12V for 12 beams.

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