LED Landscape Lighting Fixture

LED Landscape Recessed Lighting Fixture

Radiant Lighting Solutions offers a line of LED fixtures unique within the industry.  Due to its an long life of the light source (80,000 + hours) our recessed walkway lighting fixtures can be mounted directly inside masonry.

An innovative energy-saving light source, LEDs provide the basis for a line of ground recessed pavers, drive-over markers and wall fixtures designed to ensure the night-time accessibility of public spaces.  The Porfido recessed LED fixtures can come in white, amber, blue. green and red.

Our PorfidoSasso and Brikko exterior and interior fixtures use LEDs to change stones, pavers and walkways into luminescent features. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, the sleek and unobtrusive design of this new line of Radiant LED fixtures merge innovative technology with highly durable materials to introduce a new solution to the challenges of the urban landscape

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LED Recessed Walkway Lighting Fixtures

Porfido, Sasso  and Brikko LED Lighting Fixtures offer lighting designers and architects creative alternatives for LED recessed exterior lighting.

The photos below show just some of the creative design for exterior landscape lighting in public walkways, pools, patios and commercial thoroughfares.

LED Recessed Landscape Lighting

Brikko LED Fixture shown above

Exterior  LED Recessed fixtures with color options

Sasso LED lighting fixture shown above