Radiant LED Fixtures at 2007 Lightfair

April 25, 2007, New York City: LED Display Case Lighting

LIGHTFAIR International (LFI)—the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting show and conference LFI 2007, now in its 18th year, will be held May 6th through 10th at the Javits Convention Center in New York City. Radiant will be exhibiting their newest LED lighting products with the Belfer Group at Booth 1931.


The Radiant LED Micro Track system is the perfect answer for applications demanding compact track lighting and fine visual styling. The spotlights are designed to be as discreet as possible while still dissipating heat from the light source. The Micro Track system is perfect for display case lighting and museum lighting, as shown in the virtual display image above. Their ultra-compact design and lack of UV radiation is a perfect solution for museum display lighting.

Radiant Lighting is a manufacturer of LED lighting and linear low voltage lighting systems. They manufacture patented lighting systems for high profile projects and for the most demanding environments worldwide. LED lights create a pure spectrum of color; single source or combined to create unique lighting effects. The fixtures are small, have low maintenance costs, emit no UV rays and produce pure light at low heat. The LED Micro Track is a perfect replacement for halogen display case lighting. Color temperature for LED’s in the preferred “cool white” category range from 4300°k to 5500°k.

LED Track Lighting

Contrary to popular belief, LED’s are almost the same efficiency as reflectorized point source lighting (i.e. typical down light) when Lumens per watt are considered. Perhaps a 10-15% variance is achieved, but as of now it is not considered a major difference. When you consider that new technology in fluorescent is now a minimum of 4 times more efficient at about 80 lumens per watt, this is also something to consider.

The color rendering of point source lighting is as stated 100. It is the benchmark where all CRI issues are measured. Currently LED’s are in the low 80’s which is good, but not fantastic when highlighting colorful display items. High Tech Fluorescent is now reaching the high 80’s.

The primary concern with any lighting plan is the heat that the fixture generates. Heat is directly related to the number of watts consumed. The heat and watts affect the entire project because it consumes the electricity as well has a requirement to cool or condition the air of the space. As LED’s are slightly more efficient that standard point source lighting, they will contribute to the overall cost of operation in the long run.


LED’s last a minimum of 40,000 hrs depending on the output and color this can be greatly increased. It is safe to say that when a project that is operating 24hrs a day, the maintenance cost can be greatly reduced. When you look at 5 years versus 5 months for lamp replacement, it is a serious consideration for many commercial environments.

About Radiant Lighting:

Radiant is a proud USA Manufacturer of LED lighting systems and low voltage lighting systems. Custom fabrication of lighting fixtures and architectural lighting for consumer and commercial applications. See their new lines of Micro-Track LED fixtures that are perfect for jewelry display cases and museum lighting at www.ledlightingfactory.com . A Division of The Belfer Group International.

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